Our shared passion for memorable graphic design & cultural diversity is what led us to create Nomad Ink Studio in 2004. For ten years we ran the studio full-time out of our apartment in Brazil, working with international clients, teaching design, lecturing and conducting research. That first chapter closed when we moved to Portugal and earned our Master's degrees in communication & editorial design respectively.

Nomad Ink is Tyler Littlejohn Johnson and Flávia Sanches. Between the two of us we have designed thousands of projects, lived in and visited 34 countries, created books, websites, presented material to 1000's of students, and created & led massive client facing design campaigns.

Since the beginning, the studio's goal has been to explore cultural diversity through design–balancing studio work for corporate clients with research projects, making art, lectures & teaching. Please expect a new website summer of 2022. In the meantime, you can visit the portfolio's of Tyler & Flavia